Welcome to the work, mind and passion of Mahdhav Sarna at, Artist and art that is tackling issues of conservation, spirituality and an eco-harmony, I hope to express the lives around us as a part of us. Follow on Instagram @mahdhavsarna. copyright © Mahdhav Sarna 2019


From me to you…

I want to make this part personal because the whole point I’m trying to explore is to connect. A hope to remove physical barriers and associated thought processes that separate us from our surrounding environments. I want to engage and assist a shift within our frame of mind concerning this earth, to transcend towards the collective and unifying consciousness that breathes life into us. The purity that is the raw energy and essence behind all of life’s experiences, journeys, lessons, loves, angers, fears, triumphs and awareness.

I grew up in Kenya, East Africa, where, from my earliest memories I have been ingrained into, as a viewer and as a part of the rich wilderness of the Kenyan National Parks. The remaining remnants form the echoes of vast primary forests, savannahs and jungles that reigned majestically across our beautiful and bountiful Earth.

This deep, humbling and soul-satisfying love for Mother Nature and her eclectic collection of children has been a concreted constant, within the foundation of my spirit and being.

I have migrated from Africa to Australia, then to the United Kingdom and now back to Australia, settling in Sydney, NSW. These life-shaping moves coupled with the honour and privilege to travel, explore and visit a great assortment of countries, cities and their local landscapes has truly helped shape me. I have by no means seen my fill, however, what I have encountered has been enough to keep my spark and passion for the environment a blaze.

A strong and genuine desire resides within me that wants this world to truly thrive, to be ripe and abundant with its natural curiosities, ecosystems, symbiotic relationships and fruitfulness of life. The way it has always been designed to be. We must steer our course away from the turbulent seas that our lifestyle is leading us to, a world barren of purity, fertile lands and richly diverse habitats that till now have flourished without our disastrous inputs.

As a self-taught and sincerely passionate individual, this is my path and my craft. I want to share it with you, so you can spread the importance of our home.

Through personal experiences, developed beliefs, understandings and a craving to learn and live; I have intertwined an elemental approach that infuses Eastern, Esoteric and Western philosophies. We are in a momentous period of human growth, expanding consciousness and awareness. It is time to weave the fabrics of respect, admiration, appreciation and care for our earthly and cosmic neighbours into our daily lives.

We must alter the manner in which we approach our environment and how we tread and grow as a civilisation.

My palette is based upon harnessing inspiration from Eastern wisdom of the Auras that reflect our emotional energies. This vibrancy is evoked and materialises itself through a unifying flow throughout my coloured-collections. An aim to highlight the unifying forces, that transcend our physical forms.

We are more than machines, more than base instincts, we are all sentient souls. We are not here to just live, but rather destined here to be alive.

My work focuses primarily on what we term as wild beings, those that are too often and unfortunately regarded as primitive or secondary to human needs and wants. A thought process that I do not believe is right or valid.

Tackling issues of conservation, spirituality and an eco-harmony, I hope to express the lives around us as a part of us. In the same way that we are all part of what Ancient Greek teachings term Gaia: the complex living being (goddess) that is Mother Earth.

Working predominantly with Life-size pieces my aim is not to give you a portrait of another being; instead my mission is to harness and convey a captured glimpse from a sea of fleeting moments, which play in the orchestral celebration that is a life.

I want to put forth an experience that allows you to revel in the pure essence of a being. An embodiment of life and memories, that are layered and built upon like oceans of individually crafted, consciously co-ordinated strokes.

Through poetic and expressive original writings, which I write as part of each piece, not an accompaniment to it: a voice is given to the moment, to the soul.

With a hope and belief that we can reconnect and live aware in this world, with care, I ask you to join my journey. I want us to protect, preserve and nourish our world and all within it.

Mahdhav Sarna